Samskrita Shikshanam

Welcome. This project of Samskrita Bharati will be useful for all Samskrit learners. Learning Samskrit is easy. Just spend 20-30 minutes listening to the lessons every day. Recorded video classes, and tutorials and much more are available here. Listen to Samskrit tutorials repeatedly, until you become familiar. Focus on the pronunciation and try repeating the sentences loudly, as you listen. All Indian languages share sizeable common terminology with Samskrit and with a little focused effort, you will be able to converse in Samskrit.

पत्राचारः (04)

A unique package to learn Samskrit through correspondence in four levels; pravesha, parichaya, shikSha, kovida – each of 6 months duration

गीताशिक्षणम् (04)

Study Samskrit through Bhagavad Gita. By the end of the course, you are "Arjuna" enjoying the words of Lord Krishna on your own terms.

सरलपरीक्षा (04)

Ideal for your children. These are prescribed as text book in many schools. Sarala, Sugama, Sarasa, Sukhada are the colourful books


Balakendram is for kids in primary sections. Let them learn language and also pick the threads of rich cultural heritage; all as they play

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